Viles Foundation: Northern New Mexico Outreach Program

STEM Educators in Northern New Mexico are often amazed by their wonderful students.  It is even more amazing when we have exemplar students who have overcome adversity in their lives, including but not exclusive to having been orphaned.  If you teach in Northern NM, and think one of your students might qualify for assistance from The Viles Scholarship Foundation, use the link below to reach out to them … #nctm #nmctm

Viles Foundation

AP Annual Conference

Teach STEM in NM?  AP Calculus?  AP Bio?  Or, teach elementary and concerned about horizontal alignment with AP courses?   #nctm #nmctm The AP Annual Conference is right around the corner during July 22-26 in Austin, TX.



The College Board offers the following guidelines:


Next Generation Science Standards & Crosscutting Concepts

Teach math but concerned about how students connect that learning to science?  Teach science but want and need your students to understand the mathematics needed to make an argument and defend it?  The Next Generation Science Standards explicitly call for “crosscutting” conceptual development, or taking your other subjects including math to explain and articulate the findings in science … #nctm #nmctm


Spotlight on PARCC

Many NM educators already get this newsletter, but if you don’t or in case you missed it, Parcc Inc. CEO Laura Silver sat down last week to discuss the first year of implementation and why she thinks it is “worthy of American students.”  Be informed!  #nctm #nmctm

Spotlight PARCC