Wolfram Alpha & Much More …

Fan of Wolfram Alpha?  Ever wonder where it came from and wondering if you could use that power to create technologically driven instructional modules?  Check out Mathematica coding and its suite of ready made instructional demonstrations at the Wolfram Demonstrations Project … #nctm #nmctm


Desmos: Free Online Graphing Tool

Desmos has been around for a while now, but it never stops getting better … perhaps you are teaching Calculus and the f’, f”, tests and want to overlay the original function with its two derivatives to teach curve sketching?  Maybe just want your students to appreciate what the a, b, and c coefficients do in a standard quadratic function?  Desmos can do that and more … #nctm #nmctm … Best part yet, it has a Chrome app too, with user accounts …


Schoolzilla: District Data Management Software

Part of an administrative team and charged with robust data analysis of your school’s attendance?  Maybe you are at part of payroll and need to evaluate a school’s budget margins?  Whatever it is, Schoolzilla has amazing potential and power to generate those data into meaningful visuals and analyses … #nctm #nmctm



Academy for the Love of Learning

Department Chair?  Professional Learning Community Chair?  Small Learning Community?  Interested in facilitating leadership growth at your school this fall?  Consider the programs at the Academy for the Love of Learning … #nctm #nmctm


Santa Fe Alliance for Science

Teaching in Santa Fe, NM this fall?  Check in with the local representative at your school about Santa Fe Alliance for Science tutoring …, or perhaps you want to visit one of their Science Cafes.  #nctm #nmctm


UNM-PNM Math Contest

Teaching math this fall in NM?  Interested in having your students engage in a mathematics competition?  Consider the UNM-PNM Math Contest, which has been happening since 1965.  #nctm #nmctm


Santa Fe Institute

New to NM?  Live around or near Santa Fe?  Consider visiting the Santa Fe Institute and signing up for their newsletter.  There are some societies and course offerings that might be of assistance to secondary STEM teachers.  #nctm #nmctm