Dr. Dhimitraq DUNI – Investigative cycle in Middle school statistics

Math teachers and educational community,

Our next NMCTM Saturday Snapshot will be presented by Dr. Dhimitraq Duni. The session details are below:

Dr. Dhimitraq Duni, Investigative Cycle in Middle School Statistics, January 23rd, 10:00am – synchronous session (Zoom Link)

Research shows that the best way to teach statistics in middle school is to go through the Investigative Cycle. In this PD we will go over that evidence, as well as methods on how the investigative cycle could be developed in the classroom. Different examples of student-developed projects will be shared.

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The presentation starts at 10:00am MST – hope to see some folks there! Spread the word, and again, if you want to present and/or have ideas for us to consider, use these forms:

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NMCTM LAUNCHES Saturday Snapshots

NM Math Teachers and educational community members,

We are thrilled to announce the launching of NMCTM Saturday Snapshots, monthly sessions where local NM math teachers provide remote professional development sessions. The first four sessions will be brought to you by our very own NMCTM board members. Calendar details, session times/descriptions, etc., are provided below. Some sessions are synchronous and others’ asynchronous – make sure to look at the details to prepare accordingly.

Also, at NMCTM, we are all teachers, so we are acutely aware of the demands being placed on you right now. We hope these sessions give us a little time to share and learn remotely and safely together; strategies, tips, insights that we can all collectively bring back to our local communities. We look forward to meeting with you, and even more, we hope you join us in this project.

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The Calendar of Events, which includes the description, title, presenter name, and a downloadable .ics link can be found below. We are also including a link to the Saturday Snapshot one-pager if you would like to share this with your sites/communities!

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If you have any issues, please email info@nmctm.org.

We are including a short list of presenter names, titles, and dates and times below for everyone’s convenience. For the full description and details, please refer the calendar link provided above.

List of Presenters & Time

Dr. Anna Burns, Bitmoji Virtual Classroom, November 14th, 10:00am – synchronous session (Zoom Link)

Gilbert Aquino, Improving Math Instructions, Through Feedback (K-12), December 12th, 05:00pm – synchronous session (Zoom Link)

Dr. Dhimitraq Duni, Investigative Cycle in Middle School Statistics, January 23rd, 10:00am – synchronous session (Zoom Link)

Jonathan Haack, Remote Inquirer-Presenter-Scribe, February 13th, 10:00am – asynchronous session (Zoom Link)

Tori Gilpin, TBA, March (building hype at present, details forthcoming) …

Each session will have a dedicated post on the website, including a comments section for follow up and interaction with the presenter. We hope everyone is safe and that these remote sessions help give you some authentic tips or unique insights into math instruction that you can bring back to your communities. We also just look forward to meeting and sharing with you and other educational leaders.

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Again … stay safe and please join us for these remote sessions, either in person for the synchronous sessions and/or asynchronously by reaching out to the presenter on the dedicated presentation page (forthcoming). Also, please submit your name in the hat with the link we provided above! We know how busy you are at your sites, but let’s take a little time off the normal grind to learn and share together!


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Math & Science Advisory Council – Reentry Supports

Math Teachers of NM and Larger Educational Community,

The NM PED is hosting two sessions where interested community members can learn about the MSAC and/or apply. There are also a host of other important ‘reentry supports’ in the recent newsletter, including office hours and professional learning. Click the screen shot below to view the newsletter in full and/or subscribe! Thanks to the NM PED for taking bold steps to support NM math teachers during this time.