Dr. Dhimitraq DUNI – Investigative cycle in Middle school statistics

Math teachers and educational community,

Our next NMCTM Saturday Snapshot will be presented by Dr. Dhimitraq Duni. The session details are below:

Dr. Dhimitraq Duni, Investigative Cycle in Middle School Statistics, January 23rd, 10:00am – synchronous session (Zoom Link)

Research shows that the best way to teach statistics in middle school is to go through the Investigative Cycle. In this PD we will go over that evidence, as well as methods on how the investigative cycle could be developed in the classroom. Different examples of student-developed projects will be shared.

Session Resources
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The presentation starts at 10:00am MST – hope to see some folks there! Spread the word, and again, if you want to present and/or have ideas for us to consider, use these forms:

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