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Our next NMCTM Saturday Snapshot will be presented by Jonathan Haack. The session details are below:

Jonathan HaackRemote Inquirer-Presenter-Scribe, February 13th, 10:00am – asynchronous session (Zoom Link)

Inquirer Presenter Scribe is a thinking routine (Harvard Project Zero) that Jonathan developed in order to leverage seminar, dialogue, and tutorial to understand mathematical concepts. Jonathan has found that the process builds off individual student strengths, elevates the culture of learning in the class, and helps students understand math standards more fully.

Session Resources
Session Recording
Inquirer Presenter Scribe – Graphic Organizer
Inquirer Presenter Scribe – Protocol
Remote Inquirer Presenter Scribe – Session Slides

This presentation is asynchronous and will be recorded at 10:00am MST – the video of the asynchronous presentation will be shared later the same day. Spread the word, and again, if you want to present and/or have ideas for us to consider, use these forms:

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