NMCTM Accepting Nominations

NMCTM Community,

The NMCTM Board is busy preparing new professional development offerings such as but not excluded to monthly NMCTM Snapshots that are both synchronous and synchronous sessions in approaches to online math instruction.  We are also holding elections for new leaders to step forward and get involved, as well as leveraging existing board members, membership, and outside educational leaders for proposals and/or focus ideas that should drive the work of the NMCTM in the weeks and months ahead.

Regardless of how each individual school, district, and/or State chooses to deal with the resumption of schooling, the need for COVID-19 relevant approaches to online instruction, especially in mathematics instruction, remains a top priority. We will be sending out our survey for the training opportunities and the NMCTM Snapshoots soon – for now, more than ever, we need educational leaders to join us and assist us all in navigating these challenging academic times and to contribute to the discussion.

Please feel free to share the Call for Nominations flier below with your local district, school, educational community, etc. Just click the role/office that you are interested in and it will take you right to the ballot.


Download Flier

Recording Secretary
Central Regional Representative
Northeast Regional Representative
Southeast Regional Representative
Northwest Regional Representative
Southwest Regional Representative

Thanks again for your interest and support. Swing by again in a few weeks or so and we will be sharing more information on NMCTM Snapshots!



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