NMCTM Officers 2020

NMCTM Executive Board 

Dr. Anna Burns  President

Jonathan Haack  Treasurer

Vacant   President Elect

Tammy Hernandez   Past President

Anna Burns   Recording  Secretary

Ronda Davis   NCTM Representative

NMCTM Executive Committee

The Executive Committee includes all members of the Executive Board and the following additional committee-level positions
Regional Representatives

Cat Casaus Central Regional Representative

Vacant   Northeast Regional Representative

Cammie Green  Northwest Regional Representative

Dhimitraq Duni  Southeast Regional Representative

Raybella Schnyder  Southwest Regional Representative

Gilbert Aquino    Communications Specialist

Jenifer Hooten   Mathematics Specialist of the NM PED (ex-officio) 

The job descriptions for these positions and other information can be found in our About page, under By-Laws and Constitution.