NCTM Representative – Ronda Davis

Ronda Davis, NCTM Representative, NMCTM.

Ronda Davis is a math specialist at Albuquerque Public Schools.  She has taught over 30 years, having taught all levels of mathematics from grades 2 – 12.  She received her National Board Certification in 1998, renewed in 2008 and is currently working on her next renewal.  Ronda has also worked as a T^3 Regional Instructor and as a College Board Consultant for over 20 years, working with AP, Pre-AP and Vertical Teams of teachers of mathematics all across our nation as well as in the UAE and Guam.  She has been a reader for the AP Calculus AP exam and has received the Siemens Award for Advanced Placement. Ronda works on the Content Review Team for EdReports, reviewing and writing reports of high school instructional materials. She also recently served as the Content Lead for all grades 6 – 12 Mathematics End of Course Exam Blueprints for the state of New Mexico. Ronda is a Core Advocate and serves on the PARCC Mathematics Operational Working Group (MOWG). The scope of the MOWG is to provide support, guidance and day-to-day decision making in the preparation and release of deliverables associated with the development of the PARCC summative assessments. They review and approve test development and administration deliverables to ensure the deliverables meet PARCC requirements and are of high quality. Additionally, she has served as the NM state lead for the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, and the NM representative for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Some of Ronda’s recent speaking and facilitation engagements include:

  • Instructional Coaches Conference, Albuquerque, June 2018, Coaching to the Shifts in Instructional Practice
  • T^3 Annual International Conference, San Antonio, March 2018, Using TI-Nspire Technology to Facilitate Class Warm-Up’s in Grades 6 – 9
  • UAE, MOE, Dubai, September 2017, Building a Pre-AP Program in Middle School Mathematics
  • Council of Great City Schools, Pittsburgh, PA, July 2017, Leaving Textbooks Behind: technology-based math instruction — without textbooks
  • Throughout the State of New Mexico, Facilitating Data Dialogues of PARCC Data
  • T^3 Annual International Conference, Chicago, March 2017, Using TI-Nspire Technology to Mimic On-Line Assessments
  • NCTM Annual Meeting, San Francisco, April 2016, Hands-On Discovery of Trigonometric Functions

In her spare time Ronda loves baking, catering for weddings, mentoring young ladies and teenagers, and learning.