President’s Address

Hello New Mexico Math Teachers! #nctm #nmctm

I hope your year is going well!

As the second semester of the year is starting, teachers across the state are working diligently to prepare our students for state testing. Most teachers are aware of the changes underway. If you would like more information on the Spring 2019 New Mexico Standards-Based Transtion Assessment of Math and ELA, including pre-recorded webinars, blueprints, and performance level descriptors, please visit the PED Website.

In an effort to provide NM math teachers with timely help, we have started a Facebook Group. Our goals is to provide a place where we can ask questions about math, programs, students and more and get answers that reflect the values of our teachers. To join, go to the New Mexico Council of Teachers of Mathematics page, click on groups, then click join. We would love for you to post your questions and chime in with answers.    

As the legislative session continues, we will keep an eye on NM House Bill 5 and 212. These bills focus on public education changes and the teacher evaluation system. Their outcomes will have an effects on all educators.  We will be sure to update you on what those changes mean to you. If you want to read through them for yourself, visit the NM Legislature website.

If you would like to become a part of our executive committee, please send me an email. We currently have the President Elect position open. At present, we are reviewing an application for the NE Regional Representative.


Tammy Hernandez