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Are you just looking to donate?  Click here.  Are you a teacher looking to renew your membership?  Okay, read on

The $20 fees from your membership last from June 1st to May 31st.  Once you complete your purchase, make sure to head generate your certificate

Note:  The “PayPal” link does allow guest payment with your credit card # – just make sure to select “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.”

Your fees support our work!  The NMCTM:

Sends our official NCTM Representative to the National Exposition in order to bring back findings to NM educators and leaders. These duties include but are not limited to:

  1. Participation in NCTM Delegate Assembly process to help elect leaders that will be consistent with NM math teacher needs
  2. Privilege of participating in Affiliates Leadership Conference to share with other State leaders about methods of improving National and NM math education.

(You may find the complete list of affiliate benefits here:  Affiliate Benefits)

Remember, membership in your local charter does not necessarily mean you are registered nationally with NCTM!  You can register with NCTM here: NCTM registration.  The NCTM and its affiliates like the NMCTM offer so much to teachers and educational leaders – here is a taste:

  1. Official Journals:  Teaching Children Mathematics (Pre-K – Grade 6) & Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School (Grades 5-9) & Mathematics Teacher  (Grades 8-14)]
  2. Professional Development: NCTM Annual Meeting & ExpositionNCTM’s Regional Conferences,  NCTM’s Interactive Institutes
  3. Postitions & Standards that guide many of our most widely implemented National, State, and district initiatives.
  4. Much, much, more … visit

Sends one member to serve on the New Mexico Partnership for Math & Science Education, working with other leaders across the state on position papers, suggestions to the Governor’s office, and other related initiatives and activities.  The NMCTM also has a dedicated ex-officio board position for the NM PED Math Specialist position.

While you are here, consider joining our NM Math Educators Google Group that and you can correspond with other NM educators and get important updates.

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