Soar to Greater Heights 2017 – Submit your Proposal!

Welcome Educational Leaders of NM,

First of all, thank you for submitting a proposal to our annual State STEM Conference.  The future of NM looks bright when we have educators like you working together to refine practice and aid student learning.

Why should one consider presenting?

  • Are you an educational leader?  Share your knowledge!  
    1. Others might learn from your practice and the incorporate that pedagogy into their own practice with their own students. 
  • Are you looking for  a way to share your knowledge or practices with other educators and/or get feedback on your own practice?
    1. Exposing your pedagogical practice to other educators helps you refine your vocation through the professional process of discourse and critical analysis.
  • Do you want to show exemplary contributions to your profession, e.g.,  NM Teach Domain 4?  
    1. In order to reach exemplary according to the NM PED domains, educators must participate in a professional community and be recognized as an instructional leader at their site and within their district (4B). 
    2. Additionally, teachers must demonstrate that they can adapt their practice (4C).  
    3. Furthermore, teachers are called upon to improve the school culture and to generally improve the adults and colleagues around them (4D).  
    4. Lastly, teachers must improve not only themselves but their Supervisors and all stakeholders (4E).  

As you can see, Soar to Greater Heights provides a local, state-driven opportunity for educators to maximize their potential in these domains.

So, do these qualities sound like you or the aspects of your practice that you care about?  If so, we strongly encourage you to present at our Soar to Greater Heights 2017.  We are looking for professional teachers and educational leaders to guide workshops and deliver presentations.  Topics can include math, science, environmental science, computer science and every level from Kindergarten – 12 Grade, or even early College!  Proposals accepted until September 29th.  


Submit your Proposal

The process for submitting your proposal is provided below:

  1. Registration Payment:  Presenters must register for the conference as well if they plan to attend the workshops.  Remember, our registration costs help ensure that we can continue to offer these workshops in the future.  Paying by PO?  Ok, skip to Step 2 and send us your proposal … specify you are paying by PO on the form!
  2. Submit your Proposal:  Give us an idea about your presentation on this presenter link we just provided.  What are you sharing with other educators?  How will this workshop improve pedagogical practice and student learning in STEM in NM?

(Checks and P.O.s must be made payable to “NMSTA Soar to Greater Heights.”  If you are paying via check, please send it to the following address:  “NMSTA / P.O. Box 30304 / Albuquerque, NM 87190.”   If you are paying via P.O., please fax it to 505-881-0645.)

Please review and use the Presenter information sheet below to justify your educational leadership to your administrator.  Are you concerned about managing the costs of attendance and travel?  We understand, so please read on … scholarship information below.



We get it!  You are interested in attending, but you are worried about the travel costs and time away from school.  The sheet above will help you justify your professional development needs to your administrator, and the scholarship listings below will help you not break your budget:

  1. General Scholarships
    • coming soon
  2. Dr. Kinzer Memorial Scholarship
    • Dr. Kinzer was a long time member of NMCTM and was our NCTM Representative.  She continuously provided the Executive Committee and Board of NMCTM with mathematics research, position statements, national initiatives, and most importantly, regional affiliate duties.
    • When Dr. Kinzer passed unexpectedly, the NMCTM Executive Committee and Board approved, in conjunction with her family, a yearly and honorary scholarship named in her honor.  More information.
  3. Scholarship
    • coming soon
  4. TODOS Mathematics for All Scholarship
    • coming soon

Presenters who apply for scholarships must also attend the conference proper to be eligible for the scholarship.

Event Schedule & General Information



Questions / Comments

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