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When I first started Khan Academy, I had no idea how many people we would reach. Today millions of people are learning on Khan Academy, but our small team relies on people like you to share our Khan Academy resources with learners across the world. So we’re recruiting passionate volunteers to become ambassadors for the cause. We hope that you might become an ambassador and spread the gift of learning. As a Khan Academy Ambassador, you will have a unique referral code to share with friends, family, and your community. This code will enable you to measure your impact as the people you share Khan Academy with start learning. Become one of our very first Khan Academy Ambassadors .Together we can work to unlock the world’s potential. Sal Khan Founder PO Box 1630, Mountain View, CA 94042 | Our Privacy Policy If you’d prefer not to receive these types of emails from me, unsubscribe here . P.S. I’m looking forward to seeing who will be our greatest Ambassador. Could it be you?

Become one of our very first Khan Academy Ambassadors