Soar to Greater Heights 2017 – Scholarship

What is Bootstrap:Algebra and


According to Emmanuel Schanzer, co-founder of Bootstrap,

“Bootstrap:Algebra is a 20-hour curricular module for students ages 12-16, which teaches algebraic and geometric concepts through computer programming.”

And when / if one digs deeper into the guiding philosophy of Bootstrap, they will find that students are explicitly taught math standards using tools drawn from computer science, design, and other subjects.  All too often, this paradigm is switched, with math teachers typically being asked to augment or support instruction in other fields, while this approach does the exact opposite.

Bootstrap uses other fields, notably computer science and one of its most demanding branches, programming, in order to augment mathematics pedagogy (not the other way around).  This paradigm switch is a necessary development as the country matures into the realization that computer science has essentially become a new subject alongside the four traditional content areas.  Finding meaningful ways to transfer skills and conceptual learning in both directions is essential, and Emmanuel Schanzer and Bootstrap provide the balance that is essential for any institution to implement an engaging and helpful mathematics program.

Here are some descriptions of the Bootstratp:Algebra program …




And equity is at the center of all of this folks … let me demonstrate the project’s commitment to equity by introducing Emmanuel in his own words:

Emmanuel Schanzer is the founder and co-director of Bootstrap, one of the largest research-based K12 computer science initiatives in the US. He spent several years as a program manager and developer before becoming a high school teacher and middle school academic coach, and has long been involved in connecting educators and technology, building partnerships with professional organizations, universities, and companies from across Silicon Valley to bring rigorous, high-quality CS education to all students – particularly underrepresented groups. He holds a bachelors in computer science and a doctorate in algebra education research.”

As you can see, this unique approach of Bootstrap and that of Emmanuel as an individual demonstrate a core alignment with equity in mathematics instruction.  This is both essential for student learning, and helps generally promote equitable mathematics instruction for all.   Along this line, educators who are interested in diversity and mathematics instruction should alos visit and apply for our other scholarship, based on the NMCTM partnership with TODOS, an educational organization devoted to equity in mathematics instruction for students of all backgrounds.  That scholarship is available here: (expired)

Bootstrap Scholarship Benefits FAQs

How does this scholarship and workshop help me as an educator?

This workshop will introduce educators to programming that supports Algebra 1, to representing mathematics in different ways, notably the concept of circles of understanding that Schanzer developed.   Educators will leave with a basic overview of how they can support students in Algebra 1 by engaging them in a meaningful design and game design lesson.

Do I get a certificate of attendance?

Yes, please contact Tammy if you have not received your certificate after two weeks from the completion of the conference.  You will receive your certificate of attendance if you were accepted and awarded the scholarship.  All applicants must possess a current NM Teaching License.

How does it work and when do I get the reimbursement?

Educators who are awarded the scholarship will receive two disbursements of funds, i.e., one at the first workshop this fall and then the second reimbursement at the required follow up conference late in the Spring of 2018 (info TBA).  Teachers or districts may also optionally choose to allocate the scholarship to the conference registration costs if that is more fitting.

What is taught at the workshop and what is the value of this workshop?

The workshop will briefly cover the concepts of transfer, circles of influence, implementation of the Bootstrap:Algebra curriculum, familiarity and help with the platform and Pyret programming language.   Bootstrap normally meets with educators for intensives that last 3 days and cost nearly $600 for educators.  The NMCTM and Bootstrap, recognizing the limited budgets and urban / rural divide in NM, have partnered to make this training a Deep Dive half-day session that is not only free for NM educators, but incentivized through a scholarship.  NM educators will be paid $50 after attending the first workshop, and $50 after the attending the second workshop in Spring / Summer.

Who is teaching the workshop?

The founder and CEO of Bootstrap, Emmanuel Schanzer.

How do I sign up for the scholarship?

You can apply for each of the four scholarships here: (expired)

Below, please find a one-page flier that can be forwarded to your district officials, evaluators, colleagues, etc.  Spread the word!


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Need to register or want more information?  Start here … (expired)

Jonathan Haack
President, NMCTM