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NMCTM Saturday Snapshots

NM Math Teachers, Community,

It is with great pleasure that the New Mexico Council of Teachers of Mathematics kicks off its second round of Saturday Snapshots – remote professional development / workshops for teachers of New Mexico or other interested educational leaders. Sessions are both live/synchronous, and yet recorded for viewership later.

This fall there will be three presentations, and we already have two planned for Spring. We provide all of the dates now so that teachers can plan accordingly. As we receive resources and get closer to the later presentations, we will update the resources below. Of course, these are all Saturdays!

  1. September 17th, 12:30pm – 01:30pm, Let’s See the New STEMscopes Math – Changing the Landscape in New Mexico, Veronica Burnett, Regional STEM Specialist NM/TX STEMscopes
  2. October 22nd, 10:30am – 11:30am, JA of New Mexico, Jordana Thompson, Programs Coordinator JA
  3. November 19th, 10:30am – 11:30am, Using a Gamified AI Driven Team Based Program for Procedural Fluency, Nai Wang, President and Founder KP Education Systems

Spring Presentations: (forthcoming)

If you are interested in presenting, please submit your proposal. All remaining times for the fall of 2022 have been taken, but we are accepting proposals for this upcoming Spring and the fall of next school year!

Again, we thank you for your continued support of the NMCTM. All Saturday Snapshot sessions are open to the public, however, participants are required to identify themselves and their institution/affiliation in the waiting room before being allowed entry. We encourage our membership and others to spread the word, and we look forward to learning about exciting math resources / approaches available to NM educators!


NMCTM Board of Directors

NMCTM – 2022 Roadmap

NM Educators,

First of all … a huge thank you to all the math teachers and/or educational leaders in New Mexico. Your hard work and passion does not go by unnoticed. Thanks for your work and efforts to help build a culture of learning in NM!

The NMCTM is excited to kick-off yet another year of support for students, teachers, and other NM education leaders. Last year was a challenge for all of us, but we were happy to be able to offer our Saturday Snapshot professional development sessions. Those sessions are still publicly available and links to the recordings and session resources are down below.

The NMCTM board of directors will be meeting this February 20th at 2pm for a closed meeting on the direction we choose this year. Our plan is to develop a roadmap for 2022; we will be discussing the possibility of a fall conference and/or more Saturday Snapshots, elections, and more!

We do not want to have this conversation alone!

Do you have input on the Saturday Snapshots? Are you in need of particular professional development and/or other pedagogical needs that the NMCTM can assist with? If so, let us know in our Roadmap feedback survey!

NMCTM 2022 Roadmap – Community Feedback Survey

We appreciate everyone’s ongoing support and encouragement and we look forward to serving NM educators for years to come!

NMCTM Board of Directors

Conference Proposals – Soar to Greater Heights 2016

Looking to build up that curriculum vitae?  Keep trying to hit Exemplary in Domain 4e and 4b, but falling short?  A great way to become a better educator and get recognized in the community for it is to share the pedagogies and techniques that are working for you!  From October 14-16, in Soccorro NM, we are proud to co-host the Soar to Greater Heights Conference.  Maybe this year it is time for you to not only attend the awesome course offerings as an attendee, but to build up your resume and vitae by sharing your ideas.  Please visit the Proposal Registration site with our partners over at NMSTA, and don’t forget to Save the Date!

(You will need to register for the NMSTA website first – don’t forget!)



Jonathan Haack
President, NMCTM

Exhibitor Registration – Soar to Greater Heights 2016

It is hard to believe that summer is already here and that we are only five months away from our annual conference, Soar to Greater Heights, which takes place October 14-16 at NM Tech in Soccorro, NM.  Registration for attendees is slated to open August 1st so stay tuned and make sure to check back on the website and listserv for when that opens.

At present, however, we are accepting registration for exhibitors, e.g., maybe you run a STEM Camp, or a Coding Club, or some other non-profit or private company that serves NM educators.  This is a great opportunity to expose your message and your offerings to NM teachers.  To register, visit our partners over at NMSTA.  In order to make an informed decision, please review the helpful facts from previous conferences below:


If you have any follow up questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to NMCTM.


Jonathan Haack
President, NMCTM